About Us

Chefs for Peace is a non-profit organisation established by Kevork Alemian in November 2001. We utilise the universal language of culinary arts to promote understanding and harmony among individuals. Through our various activities and initiatives, the organisation seeks to create unique opportunities for people to come together and share experiences. By working side by side, individuals from different backgrounds can build personal connections which can ultimately contribute to a more interconnected and harmonious society.

Our Chefs are from different faiths, Jews, Christians and Moslems – working together in the kitchen demonstrates the potential for achieving peaceful harmony by focusing on shared goals, fostering understanding, and building bridges between communities.

Chefs for Peace is showcasing a powerful form of collaboration in the Holy Land, by bringing together Chefs from diverse backgrounds and creating opportunities for them to collaborate on culinary projects. Through joint cooking workshops, culinary tours and shared meals, we aim not only to share our culinary expertise but also demonstrate the possibility of working together harmoniously despite the challenges.

Working together in the kitchen allows these chefs to build personal connections and friendships. They inspire each other and learn to communicate and work together effectively. This collaboration serves as a tangible example of how people can come together, celebrate their common interests, and contribute to a more harmonious and understanding society.

Chefs for Peace is open to collaborating with like-minded organisations that share the same vision in both social and professional settings. The culinary experiences we offer are not just about food; they’re a transformative journey that brings people together to explore cultures, flavours, and traditions. Our experiences allow participants to engage in hands-on cooking, learn from our talented chefs, and share meals. Through these immersive culinary encounters, individuals gain a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and the power of food.

Chefs for Peace is flexible and willing to participate in events upon request or invitation, whether within the Holy Land or at various locations around the world. This willingness to share our vision and expertise highlights the organisation’s commitment to promoting unity and understanding through the universal language of food.

Our ultimate goal is to create a Cooking School for Youth, where students can freely express their creativity and skills in a nurturing and inclusive environment. Our Chefs will help the students to learn and grow in the culinary arts which can lead to a rich and vibrant community of aspiring Chefs.