About Us

Chefs for peace, a nonprofit organization, was founded in November 2001 by Kevork Alemian, to produce events using culinary arts as a strategy to promote coexistence between the nations in the holy land.

Chefs for peace will join other organizations that share the same belief of social, professional and economic involvement. We believe that individuals from different sectors must develop the communication between them, and have mutual understanding and respect to each other to get to live in peace.

Chefs for peace will use the interests in food, cooking and professional culinary opportunities to provide experiences for people who are separated by political and religious circumstances

Chefs for peace have chosen to work in the holy city of Jerusalem, the center of the three major monotheistic faiths. The barriers because of history and national struggles often seems to be impenetrable. In this holy city Jews, Muslims and Christians pass one another daily without any common language. No matter how difficult and long the process of seeking peace is – we must continue. Without peace we won’t have any development for this region, no better life for us, and no brighter future for our children.

There for, Chefs for peace asks the leaders of both sides to promote the peace process. The lack of trust and the lack of mutual respect between the different religious groups poses a fundamental obstacle.

Chefs for peace believes using the vocabulary of the kitchen, mutual understanding and practical cooperation, people can acknowledge the only true path: peace.

Through our mutual understanding, we can unit and show the world that our authentic cuisines contribute the peace process. Chefs for peace is indifferent to politics, religion or color; our goal is the improvement of human relations.

Chefs for peace is ready to perform any event by request or invitation – in the holy land or elsewhere in the world.