Our Chefs

Kevork Alemian

Kevork Alemian is the founder and Chairman of Chefs for Peace, with extensive experience in the hospitality industry, including roles at Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, Al Zahra Restaurant, St. George Landmark Hotel, American Colony Hotel and Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Jerusalem. His leadership and dedication have been central to the organisation’s mission of promoting peace and harmony through culinary endeavours. Kevork is the living spirit of CFP and now focuses, full time, on the organisation’s activities

Shamai Mittelman

Shamai Mittelman is the deputy and vice-chairman of Chefs for peace. Shamai is a multi-talented individual with a strong background in both accounting and business. His passion for cooking and wine, coupled with his volunteer activities and involvement in various projects, showcases his dedication to both his community and culinary interests. Hosting events and being a Chef at social gatherings highlights his commitment to creating memorable experiences

Ibrahim Abu Seir

Ibrahim Abu Seir is an audit committee member. Ibrahim’s journey from being a Pastry Chef at prestigious hotels to becoming the proud owner of La Pâtisserie Abu Seir in Old Town, Jerusalem showcases his deep-rooted passion for creating delicious sweets, influenced by his family’s renowned expertise in oriental pastries. His experience and heritage are truly inspiring

Moshe Bason

Moshe Bason is an audit committee member. Moshe is a remarkable Chef with a passion for preserving and sharing Jerusalem’s culinary heritage through his Eucalyptus Restaurant. His unique approach to cuisine, rooted in the Holy Bible and the Jerusalem Hills, showcases a blend of tradition and creativity. As an active member of CFP and a wild food activist, he makes meaningful impact in the culinary and cultural world

Nabil Marcos Aho

Nabil Marcos Aho is a board member. Nabil is a highly accomplished Chef with a rich background in culinary arts and education. His roles as a freelancer, Culinary Advisor, and his experience at Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center demonstrate his expertise in managing culinary programmes. His passion for writing and publishing a book on International Food Glossary showcases his dedication to sharing his knowledge with others

Anat Lev Ari

Anat Lev Ari is a board member. Anat’s journey in the culinary world began with a small home-based business focused on cakes, desserts and pastries, which eventually evolved into the thriving venture known as Luiza Catering. Anat’s philosophy centers around collaborating with local producers and crafting delicious food through a blend of curiosity and courage

Odeh Abu El Hawa

Odeh Abu El Hawa is an active member. Chef Odeh has a remarkable culinary journey, starting from his apprenticeship to becoming the Executive Chef at the Seven Arches Hotel. His experience and roles as a Chef Instructor demonstrate his dedication and expertise in the culinary field

Johnny Goric

Johnny Goric is an active member. Johnny has an impressive and remarkable culinary journey; from being an Instructor of Gastronomy and modern Mediterranean cuisine and Chef at various prestigious establishments, to owning his own renowned Onyx Restaurant. His experience and interaction with notable figures like Izhaq Rabin, Shimon Peres, and George Bush were memorable experiences

Yaron Vinkler

Yaron Vinkler is an active member. Yaron has a diverse culinary career; from being a private chef and culinary counsellor to designing new restaurants, his experience is extensive in the hospitality industry. He specialises in baking bread and using local ingredients like local vegetables and seafood highlights his commitment to creating unique and flavourful dishes

Haig Berge Hagopian

Haig Berge Hagopian is an active member. Haig is a highly accomplished and skilled Chef with an impressive background as an Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Manager at the Armenian Patriarchate, overseeing three major operating kitchens. His experience as a Chef Instructor at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and his education from Cyprus and California Culinary Academy certainly contributed to his expertise in this field

Hemdat Goldberdg

Hemdat Goldberdg is an an active member. Hemdat’s journey from an Industrial Design professional to a passionate private Chef and catering owner is truly inspiring. Her experience at various establishments, along with her international exposure in Rome, have undoubtedly enriched her culinary expertise. It’s remarkable that she followed her passion and found her true calling in the kitchen, which ultimately led to the creation of her own successful catering business

Amit Cohen

Amit Cohen is an active member. Amit has a fascinating culinary journey, starting from a young age in his family’s restaurant, and later becoming the Executive Chef of the same place. His dedication and passion let him to becoming the co-owner and Kitchen Manager of Luiza Catering

Ahmad Ashayer

Ahmad Ashayer is an active member. Ahmad is a highly accomplished and experience Executive Chef with an impressive background in the Hospitality industry. His extensive work at various prestigious hotels and his participation in the International Leadership Programme showcase his dedication and expertise in the culinary field

Nadav Malin

Nadav Malin is an active member. Nadav's culinary journey is truly inspiring, starting from his childhood fascination with his mother's cooking. He has a degree in Gastronomic Sciences from the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy and a Master’s degree in Food Business Management from the Basque Culinary Center. His experience at renowned restaurants like Mugaritz and Mirador de Ulía has undoubtedly shaped his culinary expertise. Currently, he is the Chef at Luiza catering and also the manager of Slow Food in Jerusalem. A remarkable career path indeed

Boaz Cohen

Boaz Cohen is a board member. Boaz has a diverse and impressive background in both culinary arts and social work, using cooking therapy as a unique approach. His journey started at his family’s restaurant, then later became the Sous Chef at Luiza Catering as well as providing Culinary Consultancy to various food businesses

Mohammad Ashayer

Mohammad Ashayer is an active member. Mohammad is a talented Chef with an impressive background. He graduated from Tadmor School and worked at renowned hotels like Waldorf Astoria, David Citadel, and Hilton

Joseph N. Asfour

Joseph N. Asfour is an active member. Joseph is an accomplished Chef with an impressive background. He has been an active member and Executive Chef at the Wine & Cheese Rooftop Restaurant, Notre Dame Guest House since 2014. Additionally, he holds the position of a culinary arts instructor at the CHA Culinary Academy in Ramallah since 2015. His culinary achievements include receiving the Master Chef Diploma and medal from the World Master Chefs Community in London in 2015. Joseph has had the honour of serving three Popes: Francis the First, Benedict XVI, and John Paul II. Joseph also has extensive experience in creating exquisite menus, catering and management

Plia Chetner

Plia Chetner is the Director for Chefs for Peace, utilizing her expertise in strategic planning and communication to make dreams come true. While she may not be a cook herself, her talent for enjoying the culinary creations of others is a valuable contribution to the team

Yossi Elad

Yossi Elad is a board member. Yossi has had a remarkable journey in the culinary world, starting in 1980 and making a significant impact on Israeli cuisine. He achieved success in opening and operating prominent restaurants, i.e. TICHO house cafe and Machneyuda restaurants, Palomar in London, and a Mediterranean Restaurant in Germany. Yossi's is now a private Chef and lives in his 1886 home in Rosh Pina

Rana G. Bullata

Rana G. Bullata is an active member and the first secretary of Chefs for peace. Rana’s journey has been marked by valuable experiences – her impressive dedication to Chefs for Peace and her role as first secretary and communication expert has undoubtedly contributed to the organisation’s success. Her experience in event management and customer service, as showcased in her position as Residence Manager at the British Consulate General, Jerusalem, reflects her well-rounded skill set. Rana’s passion and expertise have made a significant impact on her career