Our Supporters

Odeh Abu El Hawa
A board member
Has been the executive chef of Seven arches hotel since 1989 and an instructor at Notre dame of Jerusalem center. Earlier, he was the executive sous chef at Intercontinental hotel, the same place where he started his culinary career as a kitchen apprentice. He has worked through all kitchen organization echelons and today works as a teacher for future chefs in a cooking school in Jericho.
Moshe Bason
A board member
He is the owner and the chef of Eucalyptus restaurant. He is a wild food activist, a storyteller and an internationally master chef specializing in biblical and Jerusalem Israeli native food cuisine. Moshe's "lend of Israel" cuisine based on the holly bible and collected from the surrounding Jerusalem hills.
Anat Lev Ari
A board member
Luiza catering's founder and co-owner. Has two degrees in economy from the Hebrew university and a graduate of Shenkar's fashion Design Department. Her culinary way started while opening a small business from home, for cakes, dessert and pastries. This business became to be Luiza catering. She believes in working with small local producers and in making a good food through curiosity and courage.
Kevork Alemian
The founder and the chairman of chefs for peace's board
The living spirit behind our activity. Used to work in different positions at this Professional domain in a variety of hotels as St. George Landmark hotel and American Colony hotel. On 1991 established the Professional Promotion Hospitality section at Notre Dame of Jerusalem centre. In his last position worked as the assistant for the food & beverage manager of Waldorf Astoria hotel, Jerusalem. Has a special experience in rebuilding restaurants and training the service team. Today he focuses on Chefs for peace activity.
Nabil Marcos Aho
co-founder and a board member
He used to be the head chef instructor and in charge of the culinary arts of food program in Notre dame Jerusalem center. Was an instructor at the institute of hotel management in Bethlehem University. He is a graduate of culinary arts development program, DIT, Ireland. He is also a writer who specialized in food and culinary and published a book about international kitchen & food's glossary terms, in English and Arabic. Today works as a freelancer culinary adviser.
Ibrahim Abu Seir
A board member
He is a graduate of Terra Santa School. After getting the diploma in Hotel management studies from Bethlehem University, he worked as the pastry chef of David Citadel hotel and as a pastry instructor at Notre Dame of Jerusalem center. Later he worked as the pastry chef of Yearim and Gordonia hotels in Ma'ale Hachamisha. His family owned an oriental sweets shop and he got the passion for sweets and pastry from his parents' home. Today he is the owner of La Pâtisserie ABU SEIR in the old town of Jerusalem.

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